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Our AI Consulting Service is your one-stop solution which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) tools to provide professional marketing services that help businesses grow, reach new markets, and increase sales online. Our experienced team of marketing professionals offers advanced marketing tools to achieve your company’s goals and objectives, including lead generation, brand awareness, and customer retention.

Our Services

A.I. Ambassador

Our A.I. Ambassador is an innovative, animated, virtual customer service to provide various on-site customer service journey across various industries. With voice interaction and natural human like A.I. Voice, our A.I. Ambassador can converse with customers in a personalized manner. The outlook of the service agent can be fully customized and tailored to fit your marketing campaigns, helping you engage with your customers in a more meaningful way.

A.I. Chatbot

Our Chatbot is an A.I.-powered virtual assistant that can handle real human-like conversations through text or voice interaction, typically online. Using a complex set of algorithms, it infers the meaning of customer queries and responds appropriately. Whether it’s booking a restaurant or sending a promotion coupon, our Chatbot can be tailored to match your specific business needs and improve customer engagement.


Our ChatGPT is a state-of-the-art language model based on Generative Pre-trained Transformer technology. It is designed to provide insightful and informative responses to your queries, while also learning from your interactions to continuously improve its knowledge and capabilities. With our ChatGPT, you can engage in intelligent conversations with an AI-powered chatbot, providing personalized recommendations and answering open-ended questions in a natural language format.

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