China Marketing

China is the golden land of opportunities. But without specialized knowhow and expertise, her digital world is difficult to navigate. Madcradle Online’s China Marketing consultant team is here to lead you to success. Through us, our clients across the globe have achieved their business objectives in the China market. How? Strategic and effective integrated digital marketing solutions.

Our Services

WeChat Service and Tencent Social Ads

We excel in harnessing the immense potential of WeChat to establish meaningful connections between businesses and the Chinese audience. Our expertise lies in utilizing WeChat’s robust features and functionalities to create impactful marketing campaigns. From setting up official accounts and managing content to running targeted WeChat advertisements and facilitating seamless payment gateways. Our team of professionals combines their in-depth knowledge of WeChat with innovative strategies to craft compelling campaigns that engage and resonate with the Chinese audience. As an official partner of Tencent advertising, we have complete access to WeChat and Tencent platforms, enabling us to deliver superior service includes creating and bidding Tencent social ads as banners, pop-ups, native ads, and WeChat moment ads.

KOLs and Video Ads

We specialize in leveraging the power of video marketing to help businesses thrive in China’s digital landscape. With the Chinese audience’s strong affinity for videos, we offer comprehensive services that tap into popular platforms like Youku, Tudou, iQiyi, and Tencent Video, ensuring broad reach and engagement. Our creative teams excel at crafting viral video ad campaigns that capture attention and generate buzz. To add a local touch, we collaborate with Mainland Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and influential dahao (大號) accounts, humanizing our clients’ brands and generating desired traffic. Our goal is to foster a deep connection between consumers and our clients’ brands, going beyond mere liking to create a genuine love through compelling content that drives conversions, cultivates brand loyalty, and delivers exceptional results.

Search Engines in China with Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Stay one step ahead of your competitors with our search engine marketing (SEM) services. As the official partners of Baidu, Tencent advertising, and QiHoo 360, we have the expertise and access to China’s top search engines and banner display networks. With a decade of experience in SEM and banner advertising, our skilled operations team delivers outstanding results. Our customized integrated marketing solutions are designed to differentiate your business and achieve your objectives with your target audience. Our collaborative Hong Kong and China teams work in synergy to maximize return on investment (ROI) within your budget. Trust us to optimize every dollar invested. Stay ahead of the competition with our effective SEM strategies.

Crossing China’s Borders with Cross-Border Trade

Our team specializes in helping businesses tap into the thriving Chinese e-commerce market. We connect foreign brands to highly successful B2C platforms such as JD.COM, Tmall, Yihaodian, and WeChat Mall, providing access to a world of opportunities. With our comprehensive services, we offer expertise in branding strategies, shop management, event and sales promotions, and data analysis. We understand the unique preferences of the Chinese market and deliver tailored solutions that resonate with Chinese consumers. Simplifying operations, we offer cross-border payment options including Alipay and WeChat Pay, allowing businesses to receive payments in their preferred currency while offering convenient payment options for customers in RMB.