Dumbo Flights of Fantasy

Disney’s “Dumbo” is a childhood memory of many people, its inspirational story is sure to touch every heart. In the exhibition co-organized by Disney and Times Square, we have brought this fantasy character to life by creating an immersive experience with this cute big-eared elephant, unleashing the unbounded happiness of its fans. A giant tent was erected on the ground of Times Square, with an interactive area and a 270-degree immersive installation, which turned Dumbo into a tour guide and led everyone to fly over five landmarks in the suburbs and urban areas of Hong Kong, including The Peak, Po Pen Chau, Choi Hung Village, and Bangi. Reservoir and West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade. Dumbo will surround you with 270 degrees of stunning imagery, fully enveloping you in the immersive experience. Simply place your hand on the interactive projection screen, and the sleeping Dumbo will then be awakened. You can travel together to soar the skies of Hong Kong. Everyone can take all the cute Dumbo selfies they want with their friends and enjoy unforgettable and wonderful moments with this flying elephant.

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