Event photo booth – Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition

It is so honorable to work with Olympian City on the “Think Like Leonardo da Vinci 500th Anniversary Exhibition”. We have created a special journey of stepping into Leonardo da Vinci’s world through two interactive experiences.Through an interactive installation, the exhibition has unveiled the secrets behind the masterpiece of Leonardo da Vinci – Mona Lisa. Visitors are invited to take a snap at the “My MONA LISA Smile” photo area. The instant face swap and detection solution allow you to wear your own unique style of Mona Lisa smile and capture a distinctive photo using the QR code. In addition to transforming into Mona Lisa, visitors can become part of the interactive Mona Lisa mosaic displayed on the mega screen at Olympian City. In addition to appreciating da Vinci’s masterpiece, visitors can take part in the “Let’s Fly” interactive game. Participants are invited to wear a sensor to control the flying device with their bodies, through the advanced technology of gesture recognition and real-time gameplay, the flying device can then enable the participants to hover over Italy and learn more about Leonardo’s invention concept of flight.

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