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Our comprehensive advertising services include strategic media planning to ensure your business stands out. We work closely with you to develop a tailored strategy that aligns with your goals, boosts sales, and captures your unique brand essence. From selecting the most effective communication channels to targeting your specific audience and setting reach and frequency goals, we have you covered.

More Integrated Global Marketing

Inbound and outbound marketing should now be combined. In comparison to cold-calling, consider this "warm-calling." For example, after someone reads a blog article on your site, follow it up with an email sharing more meaningful content.

A Cohesive Marketing Technology Stack

No one software tool can save the day. Marketing is not about the creative aspect alone anymore. Marketing technology infrastructure needs to be designed and integrated correctly. One social media tool alone will not save the day, nor will one CRM tool be the solution to a challenge anymore. Consider your full stack and how it can work together.

Our Services

Media Selection

Media selection is finding the most cost-effective media to deliver campaign message to the target audience.
Vizz Digital Group takes into account the following factors when choosing media: the budget, objectives, target audience, concentration, media readership, and circulation.

Relevant Timing

A project plan is required to identify the assets required to support the campaign in order to establish the schedule for the media campaign. Starting at the end can be useful when estimating resource needs. At Vizz Digital Group, our team of experienced advertisers share their know-how on effective timing to deliver your campaign message at the right place, and at the right time.

Coordinating Media

Communication channels are the most important aspect of any company. They are what bring your messages to the public and allow you to connect with your audience.

Different channels have different purposes, but they all serve one main goal: delivering your message. If you want to make sure that people hear what you have to say, then it’s important that you use all of these channels in coordination.

Audience Targeting

Determine who to share a message with and where to find them by using audience targeting. Creating buyer personas is the first step in the audience targeting process at Vizz Digital Group. Once the target personas are created, we can better select the ideal marketing channel to connect with the target market.

Reach and Frequency Goals

Reach, which is closely related to frequency, is a crucial factor to take into account when developing a media strategy. As was already said, reach refers to the quantity of viewers, readers, or listeners who receive the content. The number of times someone is likely to view or hear a piece of content over the course of a certain amount of time is known as frequency, also known as impressions. When providing media plan alternatives, Vizz Digital Group aligns with clients on their goals for reach and frequency.

Tone of Voice

The tone used to communicate campaign message is the “voice”. In written literature, it is defined by elements like word choice and sentence length. Color and form are used in visual media to communicate “voice.”

People respond to messaging that is real, thus the voice of the campaign is crucial. To be successful with media strategy, Vizz Digital Group captures that in a pitch-perfect voice.

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