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To build word of mouth for your brand, you can use KOL marketing strategies to promote your products or services using their respective areas of expertise. And what consumers trust comes from their personal experience, such as how they feel after trial and how they are in use.

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HK Mommies Marketing Services – HK Mommies KOL

“Mommies” play an important role in the family, including decision-makers. They all have personal experience, the brand is built on this kind of persuasion and trust, which makes it easier to promote your brand and products and bring them into the house. We provide customers with one-stop solutions, from matching, copywriting, and arranging publishing activities and follow-up services.

HK Mommies Marketing Services – Mommies Activities

We provide regular member promotions, holds lectures, workshops, and other member activities; promotes brands to specific target audiences for customers. If you want to know more about your brand from a specific target audience, we also provide a survey service to give marketers a better grasp of the market situation.

eCommerce Advertising

We create tailor-made, interactive, and easy-to-use websites, e-commerce platforms and mobile apps for our clients. We build lasting connections between brands and consumers with our user-based approach. We work closely with our clients to immerse their brand and business objectives into the final product, sending effective Call-To-Action messages to their target audience.

Platform – Techapple content marketing dedicates to provide users with high quality technological information from multiple perspectives, focusing on STEM, start-ups, the IT industry, technological innovation.

Techapple focuses on the integration and transformation of businesses, which includes content dissemination to influence user behaviour (Conversion), co-branding partnerships, hosting or co-organizing events, etc.

Platform – Orderfood Marketplace

Orderfood – Hong Kong’s catering platform! Order catering and enjoy delicious food anywhere, anytime!

Orderfood allows you to easily place an order online for catering in Hong Kong. We strive to provide high quality catering service with the best pricing. You can easily find the restaurant of your choice on our website and order gourmet meals, cakes, and more. Whether you are organizing a company event, Christmas party, boat trip, or a birthday gathering, Orderfood will deliver delicious party food to wherever and whenever you want!

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